Can I take my dog for a walk on a rainy day?

Hello family! It's Hamilpet.
It rains often these days.
Dogs need to be taken for a walk often, but if it rains so often,
you might be wondering if it is okay to go for a walk.
Can I take my dog for a walk on a rainy day?
The answer to that question is "Yes".
For a walk in the rain, there is no health problem
as long as you put on a dog's raincoat or dry the wet hair after walking.
In fact, the dog's preference for walking on a rainy day is more important than any health problems.
In general, dogs do not like getting rained on.
So, why do dogs hate getting rained on?
1. Just hates rain
When your pants get wet in the rain in the rainy season, it's very uncomfortable and doesn't feel good, right?
It's the same for dogs.
Both dogs and humans have an instinctive desire to keep their skin or fur clean.
This instinct is the reason why dogs constantly shake their wet bodies to get rid of the water.

2. Negative experience
Some dogs hate being in the rain because of the negative experiences associated with it.
Mostly, this experience can be caused by the owner's mistake.
Sometimes your dog runs around the living room with wet paws after taking a walk in the rain.
At this time, pet owners usually scold the dog and take it to the bathroom.
For the dog, the experience of being scolded like this will remain as a negative memory and may make them dislike walking in the rain.
Even if your dog doesn't like to go for a walk on a rainy day, if you have a bowel movement outdoors, you have no choice but to go for a walk.
So, how should we take a walk?

  • Raincoat
When choosing a raincoat, it is better to choose one with a hood.
Because the part that dogs hate to get wet the most is their face!

  • Rain boots
Also, there are dogs who do not like getting their feet wet,
There are some rain boots for dogs.
Some dogs don't like to wear shoes.

It's important to get less rain while your dog out for a walk,
But it's also important to dry wet hair well after the walk.

If you reward them with compliments or snacks when drying them with a towel or dryer, the memories of going for a walk on a rainy day will remain as good memories, and you will be able to enjoy a walk on a rainy day in the future🐶

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