Did you know that cats like to be touched?

Hello, guys😉

Did you know that cats like to be touched?​


But, the places you like and dislike are clearly separated,

so you have to touch them carefully!​

Today, we will learn about the touch that cats like.


[ The touch that cats like ]

When you affection your cat, gently pet it.

Can't say 100% because all cats are different,

But normal cats like to be petted gently.

And you need to note!

When meeting a cat for the first time,

it is necessary to wait for the cat's alertness to dissipate,

because cats are wary friends.

If it is unfamiliar and you try to touch them while you are vigilant,

you may never come back again.

Wait for the cat to come to your side first,

and then slowly reach out and pet it.

Give your cat time, as it builds a bond with your cat. 😉



[ cat's favorite part ]



The back is the easiest touch point when petting a cat.

Stroke the back gently along the body in the direction of the fur.

But be careful!!!

If you playfully stroking the fur in the opposite direction,

the cat may get up and walk away.




Have you ever seen your cat rub their faces such as a drawer in a corner?

This is because one of the favorite parts of cats is their chin.

Gently pet the chin and sides of the mouth or gently scrape it with your fingertips.

You can be hearing purr song in your arms. 💖


Surprisingly, cats love to touch their ears.

Gently stroking between the eyes and ears

I close my eyes and pull my face out.

When cleaning your cat's ears, gently stroking this area

It might be a lot easier to clean.


[ When is it good to pet the cat? ]


The soft fur of my cute cat.

Want to pet it all day,

but, like said before, you have to wait until your cat allows it.​

When your cat needs your hand,

will come by and give you a signal, such as rubbing her cheek or

 banging her head and headbutting it.

Shy cats may sneak up and cry “meow”

, rubbing their faces on the chair or table you are sitting on.​


If you give your cat a gentle hand at this time,

it will help build a bond between you and your cat and make it more intimate.


One of the most recent sayings I've heard is,

'A pet is a moment in our lives, but in a pet's life we ​​are everything.'

The word touched my heart.​


We decided to spend the whole life of the pet together.

I hope you study a little more so that you and your pet can be happier.


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