Does my dog know who I am?

Normally, people are distinguished by their faces and name.
But how are dogs able to distinguish their companions from strangers?

Dogs have a better sense of smell than people. Consequently, they are distinguished by detecting human odors, particularly volatile fatty acids, which are components of sweat. The smell detection part of the dog’s smell is developed, so even a very faint smell can be identified.

They are particularly sensible smells of their companions. This is why they can notice from the odor that their companions come from afar. Have you ever seen dogs around you that are wary of a particular gender or child?

In this case, when the companion is alone with the dog, he distrusts their odor because he has no opportunity to meet the opposite sex or children.

But if your dog is more curious than other dogs, they save smell information from strangers. If they associate with someone frequently, they can memorize the scent.

Because of their olfactory structure, dogs take an active role in various jobs; police dog, drug detective dog, rescue dog... Etc.

Lately, the medical field is also planning to use the sense of smell of dogs.

Don't you look forward to seeing how the impressive abilities of dogs will change the world in the future?

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