How can you help your dogs keep cool in summer season?

Hello guys, it’s hemilpet!
Today, I want to tell you that how can you manage your dogs health care in summer season.
1. Avoid the midday
When you take a dog for a walk, you have to check the outside temperature.
And you should avoid the midday heat.
In the midday sun is too hot, so your dogs may get burned because dog’s skin is more sensitive than human.
2.Play in the water
You can let your dogs play in the water. When they play in the water, they feel cooler and outside of the water. So you should play with your dogs doing swimming in the water pool.
3.Don’t leave your dogs in a parked car
In the summer season, midday’s temperatures in a car can quickly rise.
Even if you open the windows, it can’t not help the temperatures control inside the car. It is very dangerous to your dogs.
So it is too dangerous you leave your dog in a parked car.
4. Prepare plenty of cool and fresh water
Dogs love a taking a walk. But summer season is too hot not only for human but dogs.
So, when you take a walk with your dogs, you have to prepare cool and fresh water for your dogs!
And you should water the dogs frequently! It can help your dogs control the body heat.
Thank you for leading :)

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