How do I raise dog and cat together?

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These days, the number of households with pets is increasing these days, and many of them have dogs and cats together.
Dogs and cats have very different personalities. Can they be one family?
Today, we are going to talk about the things to consider when raising a dog and a cat together.
First, something to consider.
1. Recognize that dogs and cats are different animals
Dogs and cats are different animals, not only in appearance, but also in personality and behavior. Therefore, it is very difficult to stay together and the companion must be aware that it takes a lot of effort.
2. Cats are especially stressed out.
If a dog and a cat live together, the cat is particularly at risk of being more stressed. This is because cats are not pack animals.
If your dog continues to approach or expresses curiosity, your cat is more likely to be stressed.
For this reason, never force a dog and a cat to be in the same room. Actually, it's best to get along well, but it's better aiming their life unconsciously.
3. Adoption timing is important
Both dogs and cats want to be tamed when they are infancy. If you start raising them together at 2-3 months of age, they can become socialized and get along relatively well.
Or, consider adopting a cat, after the puppy first becomes a family member. This is because dogs often accept cats, but in the opposite case, cats find it difficult to accept dogs.
When doing braids, it is important to start with separate braids to avoid stress.
4. Feed them separate
Dogs and cats need different meals. However, if they eat in the same place, they can eat each other's feed. Because the nutritional balance required is different, if this situation persists, it can adversely affect your health.
Also, dogs and cats will want to eat in a comfortable environment. It is recommended to provide meals in different places or to adjust the time zone.
It is important to create an environment where dog and cat can comfortably eat a meal that suits them.
Now that we know the points to consider, this time we will tell you about the different habits and personality differences between dogs and cats.
Dog habits
  • Lives in groups and prefers group behavior
  • Strong sense of vigilance and power
  • Mainly active during the day
  • faithful to the companion
Dog personalities
  • Trust the companion and follow directions.
  • Treats the companion based on trust, interest and concern
  • Able to listen and understand people
  • Training in the right way can build a strong bond with companion
  • Aggressive behaviorist when expressing affection: Express joy using the whole body and vigorously wag the tail
Cat habits
  • Lives alone and prefers to act alone
  • Likes clean environment and dislikes body and environment
  • mainly nocturnal
  • strong tendency to be independent
Cat personalities
  • Thinks of the companion as a big cat (recognizes that he is equal to himself only because of his large body, not a master-servant relationship)
  • They do not live in a group, so they have no awareness of the master-servant relationship.
  • It is important to build trust slowly rather than overtraining.
  • Quiet and passive when expressing affection: Show affection by coming near your legs, rubbing your body, and raising tail.
Compared to this, dogs and cats are very different, aren't they?
Finally, I will tell you about precautions when raising a dog and a cat together.
What your dog needs
  • It's a good idea to create a space for your dog alone, so have a private home where he can hide or separate from the cat.
  • Allows him to enjoy walking time that can take over the companion alone without a cat.
What your cat needs
  • Cats like high places, so have a cat tower or cat pole.
  • Cats have a strong conception of territory for toilets, so be careful not to let your dog go where the toilet is.
I hope this information was useful to you today and I hope you are happy with our precious dog and cat.
We will come back with more useful information!

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