How much time will my dog be with me?

Hello guys, it’s Hamil pet!
Today’s topic is ‘life of dogs’ 
Nowadays, the average life expectancy of dogs is considerably higher than in 1980. 
In the past, unlike today, there was a high risk of diseases like heartworms and measles because there were many cases of grazing or growing them in the yard.
 There are many dogs living indoors with their owners, so the risk of these diseases has been reduced, leading to the death of diabetes, heart failure, and lifestyle diseases such as cancer due to age.
Dog's age over four times faster than humans, as much as seven times.
  • For small dogs live around 15 years old
  • For large dogs, 10 years old.
  • But of course, there are dogs that live about 15 years for large dogs and over 20 years for small dogs.
The official record of a dog’s life is that he lived in Cattle Dog, a sheepdog living in Australia, for 29 years and 5 months. 
So how do you stay healthy with your dog for a longer lifetime?
Of course, it is important to feed them well, but exercise with meals is most important. Obesity is life-threatening for dogs. 
The number of obese dogs has increased significantly because of over-nutrition and lack of exercise. 
After identifying the ideal weight for your dog, if you take health care with diet control and regular exercise, you can also detect possible illnesses at an early stage.


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