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Today, we are going to find out how to deal with cat hair loss together!
Cats, like most animals, shed a little bit of hair all year round.
Especially during the molting season in spring and autumn, a large amount of hair

fall and come back

🌱 🌱In particular, during the spring molting period, more hair is lost than during the autumn molting period. During the spring molting season, an uncontrollable amount of hair is lost, and most of it is fluff that can be easily blown in the air.

🍂🍂When the autumn molting season comes, the hair falls out, and at the same time as the rest, the soft downy hair grows densely to prepare for the cold winter. This is called 'winter fur'.

During the molting period in spring, most of the fluffy fur during the winter is lost and it is changed to 'summer hair'. Since all the winter coats are lost, more hair is lost during the spring molting season!
In particular, if you leave this it without paying attention to the spring molting time, the inside of the house will become messy with hair. A lot of hair sticks to clothes, blankets, and sofas, and when a cat scratchs its body, the fluff is released into the air like smoke. 🌫
To solve this
The best thing to do is to brush your cat diligently every day during the molting season! 🧹
If you brush their hair before it falls out, it won't get messy around you.
We recommend brushing at least twice a day, morning and night!
bath is also good options. 🛀
In the case of short-haired breeds, bathing is not usually recommended, but during the shedding period, there is nothing like a bath to deal with hair loss at once, so it is recommended to do it if you can!
Other than that, cleaning it meticulously with rotary adhesive tape or covering other household items and furniture with a material that does not adhere well to hair may be a preparation method.
It is obvious, but above all else, the best way is to clean it frequently.
There also have one more problem during the molting period.
It's a hairball.
Cats are frequent lickers, licking their fur and swallowing the fur on their tongues.
During the molting period, there are too many of these hairs, so all the hairs in the body cannot be discharged and accumulate in the stomach.
It gathers like a tuft of hair (hairballs).
During the molting season, cats vomit hairballs on their stomachs much more frequently than usual, which is very labor intensive..
Therefore, there are cases when cats eat grass easily to vomit during the moulting season.
It is also worth trying a new feed designed so that swallowed hair can be easily discharged along with the feces.
It's one way.
And sometimes, the hairballs in the stomach grow bigger because the hairballs cannot be vomited out properly.
In this case, there is no choice but to have a surgical operation, so be sure to do so in advance! Caution is required. 🛑🛑
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