Hello guys, it's Hamilpet!😸😸😸
It’s really frozen outside these days, isn’t it? 
As the discomfort index rises, not only humans but also animals seem to be under a lot of stress.
In case of the cat, they are more stressful when they are moving home.
As the saying goes, dogs follow the owner and the cats follow the house, cats are obviously territorial.
At this time, cats also follow people. nevertheless, it is clear that cats are relatively stressful than others when moving.
When they are under stress, cats shed, eat nothing or even attack their servant because of increased aggression. 😿
SO! How can we help our cat’s post-moving stress?
  1. Please Refrain from going out with the cat 🏠
Most important thing a cat needs is own territory where it is comfort and food is guaranteed. Therefore, there's a chance in which a cat tries to leave the house to visit the previous house very rarely, so for the first few months, it is recommended to strictly lock the door and refrain from going out as much as possible.
  1. Please provide a private space for the cat. 🚧🚧
For a couple weeks, set up a small space or room with everything your cat needs (scratchers, food, cat towers, etc.). Be sure to give your cat enough private time so that the cat perceives this space as a new territory. Once a cat feels comfort in a small area, it gradually expands and roams the house.
  1. Place familiar items ⚽🥛
In order to lower the cat's fear even a little in an unfamiliar environment, please prepare a food bowl, toy, toilet, etc. that were originally used in the space. Sprinkling pheromone spray or catnip on the floor to give cat a sense of stability is also helpful.
  1. The best thing is to prepare in advance! 😻
 After all, it would be best to help the cat prepare his mind, right? 😉 😉 It is recommended to put a snack in the moving cage stock in advance to get used to it and induce gradually. It is also a good idea to visit the new house a few times with the cat before moving to have a brief acclimatization period.
In addition, there may be various measures such as providing nutrients or making cat cave(house) in various places. Efforts to wait for the cat to adjust is a very important, but if you are worried that the stress symptoms persist for a long time despite various efforts, it is better to take him to a nearby veterinary hospital as soon as possible.
How was it? 😉
I hope today's information was useful to the butlers. Stay healthy in hot weather! Be careful~
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