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Today, we are going to unravel all the secrets about the cat Toe beans!
Toe beans aren't the sole of the foot?!?!🙀🙀
On the paws of a cat's paws, there are five pads as small as peas and a large pad (Toe beans ) that looks like a 'paw'.
However, contrary to the appearance, the large pad does not act as a 'sole'.
All padded parts correspond to toes, and small pads like beans are toes,
The fact that the part with the big pad that looks like a sole is the part where the second joint is attached from the place where the toes are attached!
Cats walk with the pad attached to the ground.
Therefore, the cat is walking with only the toes touching the ground.
When a cat walks, if you look at its hind legs, it shows the same posture as a human standing on tiptoe.
When looking at the big picture, all animals have a common skeleton, but when walking, which part of the foot touches the ground is different from each other.
Surprisingly few animals that can reach heels like humans do, such as monkeys, bears, pandas, raccoons, and tigers.
Speaking of which, shall we take a look at the position of the cat's heel and ankle?
Since all animals are connected by the same joint, use their wrist as a standard
You can easily tell by looking for places where the cat's paws bend in the same way. A cat's heel is positioned quite upward compared to a human's,
The side of the Achilles tendon behind the ankle is the heel.
You can also find your ankles in the same way!
Have you ever noticed that there is another pad on the ankle?
The pad in this area does not act as a toe. It is not yet known what this other pad will do.
The only hypothesis is that the place where the sixth pad is located is the location of the ankle, and that it may be a degenerated part in the evolutionary process.
So, I know what part Toe beans are, but why do cats hate it so much when they touch it?
Even persistently trying to touch it, cat eventually exposes its teeth and becomes angry.
The reason cats don't like to touch their Toe beans like this is because their nerves are so sensitive.😾
The skin of Toe beans is thicker than the skin in other areas where there is hair, but it is a sensitive part because many nerves are located inside the skin.
It is easy to fall over when walking on uneven areas with dull paws, but the sensitive pad allows cats to walk well in places where walking is unstable.
Furthermore, since cat's Toe beans are made of fat and elastic fibers, it is possible to attach the soles of the feet to the uneven parts.
Cat's Toe beans also include an anti-slip function, but when the cat is nervous, the pad sweats. 💦💦
Except for the pad part, there are no sweat glands in the cat's body, that is, the cat's sweat is for anti-slip, not body temperature control.
Humans also sweat when they are nervous, but in the days of monkeys before evolving into humans,
As it is said that the sweat from your hands acted as an anti-slip for climbing trees.
The soft, sensitive pad makes it possible for cats to approach their target without making a sound while hunting.
The pad also serves as a cushion to eliminate sound.
The fact that cats like Toe beans, which are composed of such sensitive tissue, if you gently touch it!
Our cat's Toe beans! Please caress me~😸😸
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