Hello. This is Hamilpet. 😊

It's cramped that I can't go out in the era of the PANDEMIC, There must be many Hamil family members who are worried about their increased belly fat because they cannot move...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Then, how about cats?
Is it because our cats don't go out of the house properly all their lives, so their belly fat is fluctuating like this?
But did you know that this may not be belly fat? πŸ€”
Today, let's learn about the secret of cat belly fat!
β€œMy child is thin, but only his stomach wobbles.”
β€œMy cat has a lot of belly fat, so it’s a passion.”
How many of you do it?
So, is this really cat belly fat?
This isn't belly fat, it's a part of your cat's body called the "primordial pouch."
A primordial pouch is a loose skin covering that runs along a cat's belly.
This is usually a pocket-like area on the back of a cat's stomach and on the front of its hind legs.

servants often think of this as belly fat,

almost all cats possess the pimordial pouches regardless of species.
It even exists in slender cats.
So, why do these primordial pouches exist?
There are some interesting hypotheses about cat primordial pouches.
1. To protect vulnerable internal organs when fighting
Cats living in the wild had to protect themselves from their enemies,
Due to the nature of territorial animals, they had to fight frequently with other cats.
To prepare for this, to protect the internal organs that could be fatally injured.
It is hypothesized that there was a primitive pouch.
2.Β To make the body stretch well when running or jumping at high speed
Have you all heard of the cat liquid theory?
Cats are nicknamed because the cat's body is stretches like a liquid as well as flexible.
Some view that the primitive pouch helps with this.
Leave extra leather to allow the body to stretch
The hypothesis is that the cat thinks that primordial pouches exist to facilitate rapid running or jumping.
3. To stretch the stomach to store large amounts of food
Because wild cats foraging for food are not consistent,
Once they find food, they eat as much as possible.
In order to eat a large amount of food at once, the stomach needs to expand.
The hypothesis is that primitive pouches exist to facilitate this.
Allowing cats to consume more food through the free space in the raw pouch
It creates space for the stomach to expand.
In addition, there is a hypothesis that it is to accumulate fat to be used when there is no food, but, I'm not sure this is certain. πŸ˜…
I used to worry that the cat's saggy belly might be obese.
This saggy belly fat is normal!
But when you touch a cat's ribs, it's hard to find them
If you feel that their stomach is moving differently instead of sloshing around,
It is evidence that you may be obese. So you need to control their weight.
We recommend that you touch the back of the cat who is sleeping right now.
If our cat's ribs aren't palpable,
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