Why are there so many Labrador Retrievers among help dogs?

Hey guys! It’s Hamil pet 😊
In South Korea, because of the incident about help dogs, civil awareness of them is advancing. 
As you know, the dogs that help people with a disability like vision, hands, and feet are called help dogs or service dogs. 
A service dog is trained to take a specific action whenever required to assist a person with their disability.
Have you ever seen them? 
There is no distinction between service dogs, but do you know why most service dogs are Labrador Retrievers? 
That’s because of their character:
  1. They feel happy when they live with humans.
  2. They are very nice and follow their partner very well. 
  3. The Labrador Retrievers are outstanding to judge.
  4. They can do their job well, such as picking up things and opening a door.
  5. They are well-built. 
  6. Because they are short-hair dogs, it’s easy to groom their hair.
But not all Labrador Retrievers will become service dogs.
To be a guide dog, a high-educated dog goes through months of training. Also, dogs with a sensitive personality, 
But not overly sensitive, active in changes in objects or environments, not easily excited, and patient are selected as guide dogs.
There are over 1,000 guide dogs in the U.S. It’s possible to be with a guide dog transport, restaurant, hotel, and even spa.
I hope the civic awareness of guide dogs would get better in our country and become a co-society with them.

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