Hello. This is Hamilpet.🐱❤
If you are the owner of a cat
You must have had the experience of getting hit by MYEWMYEW(?) Punch at least once.
When she lift a small jelly 🐾 and slam it down,
No matter how small and cute our children are, there is a sense of hitting that often surprises me.
'I didn't do anything, but suddenly I got hit'
‘My child is easygoing, but sometimes he throws punches at me or at things’
Attention people with this experience!
Today, we are going to learn about “the reason why cats throw Nyangnyang punches”.
1. Curiosity🥺
 Cats are generally curious animals.
So, cats often feel curious about things they see for the first time.
The problem is that they feel both curiosity and anxiety about new things at the same time.
So when they discover a new object
Where did I see this object? doing
To check the sensor on the jelly on the sole of the foot, it is said that they try to tap it with the sole of the foot.
 2. Check if it is a harmful creature🤔
No matter how domestic cats are, they have wild habits.
Cats that do not live in groups and live alone
They are said to be naturally alert to things they see for the first time.
Domestic cats who lead a stable life also have this habit.
When they encounter a new object, they check whether it is an enemy or not.
It's not scary, but still worrying about passing it on?
 want to check it out but, they have a little anxious?
In that case, the cats will approach the object and carefully reach out their hands.
Touch it quickly to check the reaction.
If there is no movement, hit the object continuously, and after confirming kills,
After confirming that he is not an enemy, he leaves the place.
 3. The meaning of boundaries🚧
It also has the meaning of a boundary with the meaning of “don’t come any closer.”
As well as fear, fear, and vigilance of strangers or objects,
Even a servant who usually spends a lot of time with him
When a cat throws a myewmyew punch,
It has the meaning of ‘Now the servant, you are a little unfamiliar’.
No matter how much you want to be together, if the cat throws a myewmyew punch,
Wouldn't it be good for each other to take a step back for a while?
As everyone who owns a cat knows,
If I get hit by this little foot, it really hurts to the point of bringing tears to my eyes.
Sometimes there is blood.
But no matter how hard it is to allow my family to interfere too much in my life,
Cats feel the same way.
If your cat is in a pose to throw a nyangnyang punch, please stay away for a while.
Sooner or later, he will come to you first and rub your legs against your feet.
If you are worried about your cat being alone,
How about giving children personal time and fun at the same time with Hamilpet Smart Toy?

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