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Have you ever seen your dog eat grass in the park while taking a walk?
This action is often referred to as an action to arrange the condition of the stomach.
Wouldn't it really be a problem if our dogs eat grass?
In fact, the reason dogs eat grass isn't just for balancing their stomachs.
So, why do they eat grass?
There are four main reasons why dogs eat grass.
1. To organize the condition of the stomach
If they overeat or the first food they eat doesn't fit your body
Eating grass to vomit indigestible food or excrete it in feces
In order to restore the state of the stomach to normal, they instinctively eat grass.
In other words, if you gave too much feed or snacks, or if they had no appetite, but after eating grass.
In the case of vomiting, it is most likely to control the condition of the stomach to normal.
In some cases, it is excreted in feces without vomiting.
2. Nutritional supplementation
Conversely, if they do not eat properly, their body will not have enough nutrients.
In some cases, they may try to supplement with vitamins or dietary fiber by consuming grass.
It is recommended to change the type of feed if they are going to eat grass while leaving rice frequently.
3. Play, boredom
On the other hand, some dogs enjoy the texture of eating grass.
Or when the companions are talking to each other, there is nothing to do
In some cases, they eat the grass in front of their eyes as a refreshment.
Dogs who eat grass in the sense of boredom or play only bite the grass as a joke.
In fact, many of them don't eat it.
There are also puppies who like to eat grass even though some puppies have no health problems.
If they regularly eat the same grass in the same place, it may be because they have a favorite grass.
4. Stress Dissipation
Lack of time to walk or play, move, or create a new family
If there is a change in the environment, when stress builds up, they may eat grass to relieve it.
If you haven't had enough time with your dogs or dogs have eaten grass after the environment has changed
It's nice to talk to each other and play with them.
Above all, when your dog tries to eat grass, be careful of fleas, ticks, herbicides, and poisonous plants.
It is good to prevent fleas and ticks with insect repellent, and to clean the insects and dust attached to the body with a comb after a walk.
If the grass in the park you used to visit suddenly withers or discolors, there is a possibility that herbicides have been sprayed on it.
Better not to approach it.
Plants that are dangerous for dogs to eat include 🌷tulips, 🌼daffodils, 💐hydrangeas, 🌺morning glory, and 🥀lily of the valley.
It is known that dogs instinctively avoid dangerous plants and only eat safe foods.
Curious baby puppies have a habit of putting everything in front of their mouths.
Pet owners need to watch it carefully.
Most of all, you shouldn't make your dog eat grass as a cause of boredom or stress, right?
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