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Have you ever seen a dog eat poop?😓
Owners who have had dogs for the first time must have been very embarrassed...
It is not unreasonable to be surprised as this is an extremely abnormal behavior from a human point of view.😫😫
However, omnivorous canines also eat the dung of horses, sheep, and rabbits.
Then why do dogs eat poop❔❔❔
The act of eating the excrement of other animals, such as cats or one's own, is called phagocytosis.
It is a behavior that is mainly seen during growth and often disappears with age.
Mostly when they are young, puppies do not move very much and they defecate right where they are fed.
At this time, the mother dog eats the feces to keep the puppy and home environment clean.
Also, pups who cannot urinate or defecate on their own may induce feces by licking their reproductive organs or anus.
At this time, also the feces are eaten.
Seeing the behavior of the mother dog, the young will imitate it.
Therefore, the behavior of dogs eating poop is natural and it is best not to overreact blindly.
There are many reasons why your dog may eat poop.
The problem of potty education🙄
Sometimes potty training is the problem.
If the owner misses the time to get angry about a bowel problem and then gives the dog attention without understanding his mistake,
Dogs will misunderstand their own excrement or the act of excreting itself as wrong behavior.
So they eat poop to get rid of traces of their own excrement.
The problem of eating
When a dog becomes obese, the owners adjust the amount of food they eat, and sometimes the dog's appetite falls short of the diet.
At this time, they are so hungry that they can't fight their appetite and eat their own poop.
In some cases, phagocytosis appears when a lack of nutrients is not only due to appetite, but also due to intestinal microflora.
If your dog's diet suddenly changes or when the amount changes, it is most likely due to a nutrient deficiency.
Phagocytosis is often seen in dogs who do not have enough time for walking or lead a simple life without stimulation.
They also spend a lot of time alone and sometimes eat poop to divert the attention of their owners due to loneliness.
If the owner overreacts at this time, there is an act of eating more feces, so don't panic.
You need new ideas such as increasing the time with your dog, providing toys, or increasing the time you walk.
Health problems
Even if he’s an adult dog, you should be more careful if he eats feces.
If a dog who has never exhibited these behaviors suddenly develops symptoms, it could be a health problem.
(Go to the hospital to get a definitive diagnosis)
In general, phagocytosis is not a big problem, but if they eat the feces of wild dogs or eat feces infected with parasites,
It requires caution and attention as it can seriously harm their health and have serious effects.
Above all, the overreaction of the owners
The most important thing is to find out the cause of bulimia and find a solution!
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