Hello, this is Hamilpet🐶❤
It's raining a lot these days, isn't it? ☔ ☔
Whenever I go out, I feel like I'm always drenched in water. 💦
But, dog owners, don't your dogs lick too much and your face is always wet?
Why do dogs lick people like that?
Find out with me today!
Dogs licking people's faces, especially around the mouth,
It appears to have been inherited from the dog's ancestor, the wolf.🐶🌙
When the wolf cubs enter the weaning stage and grow up eating the food the mother wolf vomited.
When a baby wolf licks near the mother's mouth, the stimulation causes the mother wolf to vomit half-digested food, and the baby wolf takes it.
The wolf cub’s habit of licking the mouth of the mother to stifle prey leads to puppies, and puppies lick the mouth of the mother as well as other dogs in order to stifle their prey.
Dogs are tolerant of other packs, especially since adult dogs feel a strong protective instinct for this body language of puppies, Adult dogs will feed the puppies without any restrictions.
What about dogs that aren't puppies?
when the lower-ranking dog in the herd expresses obedience to the higher-ranking dog, or
Even when threatened by a stronger dog, it licks around the mouth of a higher-ranking dog.🙌
This behavior is an expression of respect for the leader.
Conversely, leaders rarely lick other dogs' mouths.
So this also applies to humans.
Dogs who live with humans express their trust and obedience by licking their mouths because the owner is like a pack leader. Through this habit of stifling, dogs also express their desire to be foolish to their owners.❤️❤️
In other words, when a dog licks a person's face, it is not only an expression of affection for its owner, but also a sign of pity or obedience.

That's why you need to be careful when your dog tries to lick your face and if you annoy him or refuses too much, he may feel neglected and anxious.

Please feel free to reply to the dog's expression at any time~🐶🐶🐶
Today, I will tell you about the history of dogs.

See you next time with useful information!


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