Hello, this is Hamilpet 😊

Have any of you witnessed the dog sighing in eyes? 🐶
I think my friend's dog so human because breathe her sigh, so I thought,
'Maybe it's not dog' 😆

Are the puppies, like humans, sighing because they're powerless or something they don't like?

Why do dogs sigh?
According to animal behavior experts, a dog's sigh is like a period in a sentence.
According to dog psychologist Dr Stanley Coren,
He says that "A dog sigh is an emotional signal to end an action."
But not all sighs mean the same thing.
You can judge by looking at the facial expressions or gestures when they sigh.
  • When they sigh with your eyes half closed: means joy.
  • Fully open eyes and sigh: disappointment that companion won't play anymore
  • When sighing in a sleeping position: comfortable and stable
  • When they sit and look at you and sigh: There are most likely having a problem with current behavior or situation.
They may even breathe a sigh of relief while taking a walk.
  • Feeling good, but taking a long sigh while walking: Adjusting the condition of the nose and improving the sense of smell
  • When they suddenly sit down and sigh while walking: Expressing their desire to rest
However, if your dog is sighing excessively, you should consult a veterinarian.
If they continue to breathe no matter what the circumstances, they may have a health problem.
For example, a wheezing sound that sounds like a sigh may have a respiratory problem, such as bronchitis.
If they have any of these symptoms, check it out! Go to the veterinary hospital.


We found out why dogs sigh like this!
You were well aware of the tickling signals that dogs send,
please! Please listen to our children when they signal 😊

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